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Prices updating and longer production time

Dear beloved customers,

We greatly appreciate your support in the past years which makes Sunmax developed very quickly.

We are very sorry but have to inform you that all quotation before 1, Oct. 2021 we made are not valid any more. For new orders and inquiry, we have to update the prices and the validity is around 7 to 15 days.

The situation is that, all our factories are suffering the power supply ration (electricity limitation) from end of September, our factories only can get less than half of the power each day, it means the productivity is only half now. This is controlled by our government with the aim of lessening the carbon emission. Actually, this is happening to all factories in China and it will last at least till the beginning of 2022.

Besides, the raw material cost keeps on increasing, esp. the PTFE, Silicone, aramid material, the cost increased up to 30% or more. All products with PTFE or silicone need to update the prices. This is due to the electricity limit of government, also due to the government control of polycrystalline silicon production in South of China.

So, we want to draw your attention that the production will take maybe twice longer time and please check with us the updated prices before you place the new order.

Of course, we are trying our utmost to keep the same prices for you, or only increase reasonable prices for you.

Thanks for your kind understanding.

Sunmax Team

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