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Using Ceramic Fiber Insulation in the Steel Industry

Ceramic fiber insulation can be used for many high temp insulation projects because it is a light material made with easy to manipulate fibers. Ceramic fiber insulation products are commonly used in the steel industry because of their efficiency and durability when applied to high temp insulation situations. The steel industry often suffers from large consumption of energy so by using these effective thermal insulation materials, they are able to use energy more efficiently than before.

Some uses of ceramic fiber insulation in the steel industry are as follows:

Ladle covers: Ceramic fiber insulation can be utilized as ladle covers because of their low heat storage, high temp insulation, and energy efficient characteristic. It can also be used as more insulation for ladles because its resistance to high temperatures and low thermal conductivity.

Iron ditch covers: Ceramic fiber blankets can be used to keep heat loss low and maintain the high temperatures of hot metal.

Furnace lining insulation: Ceramic silica cloth and ceramic fiber tape are ideal for this application

Door seals

Vessel Covers and Lids

Backup Insulation

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