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Silica fiber tape with back adhesive 900°C

Silica fiber tape with back adhesive 900°C

SUNMAX silica fiber tape is made by cutting from the SUNMAX silica fiber cloth, it has the same properties as silica fiber cloth and has more application and easy operation due to the back adhesive we put on the tape back. The fabrics has a silicon dioxide between 75% and 80% and withstand continuous temperatures up to 900°C, instant temp. resistance up to 1400°C.


41F832B000   1100g/m2, 1.3mm thickness   Width 50mm / 100mm  Brown color

41F818B000   600g/m2, 0.7mm thickness    Width 50mm / 100mm  Brown color



High temp. Resistance up to 900°C, easy operation, chemical resistance, flame retardant, etc.



The tapes are widely used in high-temperature gaskets, pipe wrap, molten metal protection, automotive aftermarket exhaust wrap, electric arc and cable protection, etc.