Chinese National Day holiday Notification

We apprecaite your continuous support to Sunmax in the past years, though the Chinese exporting declines and the world economy slow down due to COVID-19, Sunmax business still expanded in past 3 years.

Hereby we kindly draw your attention that we will have our National Day holiday in less than 20 days, so please arrange your purchase schedule accordingly.

Sunmax office: 1st. to 7th, Oct. 2021.

Sunmax factory: 1st. to 3rd, Oct. 2021.

During our holiday, we will also check our emails sometimes and we will reply for urgent issue as often as we can.

Fiberglass composites: Silicone / PU/vermiculite/PTFE/Alu. laminated fiberglass fabric and silica fabric. etc.

Gland packing: PTFE packing, graphite packing, aramid fiber packing, kynol packing, etc, other sealing products.

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