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Proper Pump Packing Installation

  • Remove all of the used pump packing rings and the lantern ring. Thoroughly clean and inspect the stuffing box.

Replace worn shaft sleeve if needed.

  • Coat each new packing ring with Pak-Lube®, Go-Jo or some type of liquid soap. Never use Anti-Seize or any metallic based compound on the pump packing!

  • Stagger the joints of each packing ring 90 degrees, beginning at twelve o’clock, three o’clock, six o’clock, and then nine o’clock.

  • Install each packing ring individually, carefully seating each packing ring in the bottom of the stuffing box. Use a split busing or a tamping tool. NEVER use a screwdriver or a sharp tool. It is important to seat the packing rings toward the bottom of the box because of radial expansion. (When the packing rings are properly seated, more packing rings in the set are used to create the seal, leading to longer packing life.)

  • Make sure the lantern ring is properly located. This is done by inserting a small object through the flush port and feeling the lantern ring.

  • After the proper amount of rings has been installed, install the gland follower and run the gland nuts up finger tight only.

  • Install the proper flush set-up (see next page) and start flushing the stuffing box. It is important to start the flush before opening the suction and discharging the valves to the pump.

  • Start the pump and allow the packing to leak freely at start-up. During the break-in period, adjustments should be made gradually (one flat at a time), allowing 5 to 10 minutes between adjustments. Remember, extra consideration during break-in will result in longer packing life.

  • After the break-in period, the leakage rate can be controlled to 10 to 12 drops per minute per inch of shaft sleeve diameter.

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