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53F9A10000 Basalt sewing thread with PTFE coating

53F9A10000 Basalt sewing thread with PTFE coating

SUNMAX 53F9A10000 Basalt sewing thread is made out of Basalt stone fibers and then coated with PTFE as lubrication.



Resisting the high temperature of 700 Degree C, and resisting the low temperature of -270 Degree C;

high intensity and high elasticity module;

low ratio of booting heat, insulating heat, absorb sound and insulating sound;

resisting the corrosion of acid and alkali;

smooth surface of the silk, good ability of being weaved, resisting rubbed, soft feeling and non-harm to body.



Basalt Fiber Sewing Thread is widely used in sewing of high temperature resistant fabrics, and filter bags, also used as electric insulation material, thermal insulation material, filler for electric cables, fire proof material, wicks, sealing material, winded electric heating wires, and heat elements.