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81T5000000 Aerogel insulation blanket

81T5000000 Aerogel insulation blanket

Aerogel Blanket 81T5000000 is a solid material with nanoporous reticular structure, known as the best insulation material at present, it has the characters of low density, low thermal conductivity, fireproof and waterproof, which make it have an extensive and huge application prospect in Aerospace, Military, Transportation, Telecom, Medical, Construction, Electronics and Metallurgy areas etc.



• Superior resistance to breakage and physical abuse during shipping, fabrication and installation.

• Fast, easy installation

• Light weight ,durable design allows for pre-insulation, reduces joint and keeps thermal insulation performance well

• Extremely low thermal conductivity, high durability and energy saving effect

• Corrosion inhibition



Because of its strength, extremely low thermal conductivity and durability, it is the preferred product for application on high temperature piping and equipment; Especially recommended for use in the petrochemical and power generation industries.

  • Working Temperature:

    Up to 650°C

  • Color:

    White / Beige

  • Density:

    160  to 200 Kg/m3 

  • Width:

    1500 MM.

  • Thickness:

    3mm to 10 mm. 

  • More:

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