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Aramid fiber sewing thread

Aramid fiber sewing thread

53H10000000 Aramid fiber sewing thread

53H1L24000 Aramid fiber sewing thread with S.S wire reinforcement


Sunmax aramid fiber sewing thread  is made of high quality continuous filament aramid yarns with stainless steel wire reinforced (optional). The S.S wire is twisted evenly inside the aramid fiber yarn which makes the thread smoother and with higher tensile strength than the Para Aramid fiber sewing thread. It features high tensile strength, good sewing property, high temperature resistance, light weight, abrasion resistance, etc.

High tensile strength, Good resistance to abrasion, Good resistance to organic solvents, nonconductive, No melting point,degradation starts from 500°C(932°F), low flammability, Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures. Sensitive to acids and salts, Sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

For sewing high-temperature protective clothing, cut-resistant gloves, body armor, ballistic helmets, etc.