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F420H1P30K A grade 660g stain glass fabric 300g black silicone on one side

F420H1P30K A grade 660g stain glass fabric 300g black silicone on one side

A grade glass fiber fabric 660g/m2, 0.65mm thickness, stain weave, with 300g black color premium silicone coating on one side.

SUNMAX F420H1P30K is made of A grade fiberglass fabrics (SUNMAX F420H0N00W) impregnated with a specially formulated black color premium silicone rubber coating on one side. This coating making it water and oil resistant, flame retardant, low smoke, easily sewn. The special fire-retardant silicone rubber provides greater life and improved resistance to abrasion flexing, tear and puncture.


High temp. Resistance, fiberglass fabrics up to 550°C, Silicone coating up to 280°C. Anti-fray, water proof, oil resistance, flame retardant, easily sewn. 


Safety Barriers, Heat Insulation Pads, Protective Clothing, Pipe wrap, Welding blanket and curtains, Expansion joints, High temperature insulation, Heat shield and containment, Removable insulation cover, Fire blankets.

  • Weave structure:

    8 HS Satin

  • Yarn Warp:

    EC9 68 1*3 Tex

  • Yarn Weft:

    EC9 68 1*3Tex

  • Fabric Weight:

    660±30 g/m2

  • Fabric Weight:

    0.60±0.05 mm

  • Coating Style:

    Premium silicone coating 


  • Coating Side:

    One side

  • Coating color:


  • Coating Weight:

    300±30 g/m2

  • Total Weight:

    960±40 g/m2

  • Total Thickness:

    0.75±0.05 mm

  • Thread Count:

    Warp 16/cm

    Weft 15/cm

  • Tensile Strength (min):

    Warp 3850n/5cm

    Weft 3600n/5cm

  • Temp. Resistance:

    Base fabric up to 550°C

    Silicone coating up to 280°C

  • Available Width:

    100cm / 120cm/ 150cm