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F618H2P30M  600g stain silica fabric 300g red silicone on both sides

F618H2P30M 600g stain silica fabric 300g red silicone on both sides

Silica fiber fabric 600g/m2, 0.70mm thickness, satin weave, Temp. resistance up to 1100°C, with 300g red color premium silicone coating on both sides


SUNMAX F618H2P30M is made of silica fiber fabric (SUNMAX F618H0N000) impregnated with a specially formulated premium silicone rubber coating on both sides. The silica fabric has a silicon dioxide more than 96% and withstand continuous temperatures up to 1100°C.This coating making it water and oil resistant, flame retardant, low smoke, easily sewn. The special fire-retardant silicone rubber provides greater life and improved resistance to abrasion flexing, tear and puncture.



High temp. Resistance up to 1100°C, soft easily sewn, chemical resistance, flame retardant, water-proof, etc.



Extensively used for a wide range of insulation and protection applicationssuch as welding curtains, welding blankets and welding pads in powergeneration (nuclear approved), refinery, shipbuilding & repair, metal processing,petro-chemical industries.

  • Weave structure:

    8 HS Satin

  • Yarn Warp:

    EC9 68 1*3 Tex

  • Yarn Weft:

    EC9 68 1*3Tex

  • Fabric Weight:

    600±30 g/m2

  • Fabric Weight:

    0.70±0.05 mm

  • Coating Style:

    Premium silicone coating 


  • Coating Side:

    Both sides

  • Coating color:


  • Coating Weight:

    300±30 g/m2

  • Total Weight:

    900±50 g/m2

  • Total Thickness:

    0.75±0.05 mm

  • Thread Count:

    Warp 19/cm

    Weft 12/cm

  • Tensile Strength (min):


    Weft 1200n/5cm

  • Temp. Resistance:

    Silica fabric up to 1100°C

    Silicone coating up to 280°C

  • Available Width:

    92cm / 100cm