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H2F4000000  650g plain staple Kevlar fiber fabric

H2F4000000 650g plain staple Kevlar fiber fabric

Staple Kevlar fiber fabric 650g/m2, 1.6mm thickness, plain weave


SUNMAX H2F4000000 is woven from reprocessed staple Kevlar fiber and fiberglass filament.
The fiberglass filament works as the carrier of the yarn and the staple reprocessed Kevlar
fiber is spun and wrapped outside of the glass filament. This fabric features high tensile
strength, high temperature resistance, etc.



High temp. Resistance, fiberglass up to 550°C, Aramid fiber 280°C, high tensile, abrasion resistance, etc.

Available treatment:  Alu. Foil, Alu. Film, silicone coating.



Widely used for high-performance apparel like moto jeans, fireman garment, lab garment, chemical suits, welding clothes, anti-cutting gloves, outdoor clothes/equipment etc